Mother Jones: Conservatives Plot to Burn, Shred, and Sabotage Scott Walker Recall Effort

—By Andy Kroll

November 11, 2011- A group of self-identified conservatives say they plan to sabotage the effort to recall Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, which begins on Tuesday, by burning and shredding recall petitions they've collected and misleading Wisconsinites about the recall process.

These plans, discussed in Facebook posts that were first reported by the blog PolitiScoop, entail posing as recall supporters and gathering signatures, only to later destroy the petitions. They also include telling Wisconsinites that they can only sign one recall petition (which is false—they can sign different petitions as long as they each correspond to a different organization) and directing signature collectors to the homes of registered sex offenders. (Requests for comment were sent to each of the Facebook posters who allowed messages from other users.)

LA Times: Scalia and Thomas dine with healthcare law challengers as court takes case

-By James Oliphant

November 14, 2011- The day the Supreme Court gathered behind closed doors to consider the politically divisive question of whether it would hear a challenge to President Obama’s healthcare law, two of its justices, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, were feted at a dinner sponsored by the law firm that will argue the case before the high court.

The occasion was last Thursday, when all nine justices met for a conference to pore over the petitions for review. One of the cases at issue was a suit brought by 26 states challenging the sweeping healthcare overhaul passed by Congress last year, a law that has been a rallying cry for conservative activists nationwide.

The justices agreed to hear the suit; indeed, a landmark 5 1/2-hour argument is expected in March, and the outcome is likely to further roil the 2012 presidential race, which will be in full swing by the time the court’s decision is released.

Press Release: “James Crow” redistricting


November 4, 2011

DURHAM – Earlier this week, after spending 60 days looking at a cleverly designed scheme to resegregate voters in North Carolina, the U.S. Department of Justice informed us that the U.S. Attorney General did not “interpose any objection” to the scheme.  The next sentence in the letter said, “However, we note that Section 5 expressly provides that the failure of the Attorney General to object [to a redistricting scheme] does not bar subsequent litigation (our emphasis) to enjoin the enforcement of the changes.”

Justice Integrity Project: Cain's 'Lynching' Defense Problem...Thomas Lied

-by By Andrew Kreig

November 9, 2011- GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain describes himself as a victim of a "high-tech lynching" -- not a playboy chasing women on his staff, as four have claimed, most recently on Nov. 7. Cain’s “lynching” defense is modeled on the one his friend, Clarence Thomas, used so effectively in 1991 to deflect sexual harassment charges from Anita Hill and thereby win a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. Cain's "lynching" ad has helped him raise $1.2 million in the past week, he told CNN, and helped Cain buttress his support among conservatives and provided a rationale for blacks to rally around him.

The Hill: Disputes over tighter voting procedures grow as election year approaches

-By Ramsey Cox

November 5, 2011- Tighter voting laws, such as those requiring voters to produce a photo ID before casting their ballot, in several states could not only disenfranchise some voters, but also lead to longer voting lines next year, according to the results of a mock election in Wisconsin.

House Republicans and Democrats bickered Tuesday over the new laws on the House floor. Democrats said voter ID laws disenfranchise minority, elderly and student voters — who typically support Democrats — while Republicans claimed the new laws reduce voter fraud.

“They claim we need to crack down on an epidemic of voter fraud that does not exist,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said. “There is simply no evidence of any widespread voter fraud.”

Republicans cited the example of ACORN voter registration drives where workers falsely registered voters across the country in 2008.

Brad Blog: Touch-Screen Voting Machine Fails in NJ: Straight-Ticket Selection Chooses All the OTHER Candidates

-By Brad Friedman

November 8, 2011- It's Election Day in America again today in a number of states. Therefore, electronic voting machines are once again failing and, even when they don't, leaving voters guessing whether their votes were recorded accurately or even at all.

Here's an early example this morning out of New Jersey, where pretty much the entire state votes on 100% unverifiable touch-screen voting systems. The machine that failed, as detailed below, selected all of the candidates the voter didn't wish to vote for when he attempted to vote a straight-ticket ballot. The machine is made by a private company named Avante International...

From The Express-Times:

Richard Rumfield was the first person to cast his vote at 6 o'clock this morning at the town municipal building in Phillipsburg.



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